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What we do

At Polaris Water we produce one thing - premium Natural Spring Water. And the water we bottle is exceptional. Our remote source is located high in the Coast Mountains in Canada. The area surrounding our water source is pristine wilderness without any industry or development. This remote location provides a secure and natural protection ensuring purity in each bottle of Polaris Water.

Polaris Water is pure refreshment

Product Line

Polaris Natural Spring Water Formats

Product Packaging Details (PET)

At Polaris Water we understand that exceptional water must be packaged in the highest quality bottle to ensure product integrity. That’s why we use plastic that is Bisphenol-A free. Our bottle is made using PET, recycle symbol 1 plastic, the world’s most viable plastic for recycling. 


Our state-of-the-art bottling facility permits us to observe the strictest standards of production. Nothing is ever added or removed from our Natural Spring Water, giving you the closest possible experience to drinking directly from the source.

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Custom Options

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Ribbed Bottle: Clear or Light Blue. Size: 500ml.
Wave Bottle: Clear or Light Blue. Size: 350ml, 500ml, 1L, 1.5L.
Flat Cap Colours:White, Dark Blue or Red.
Sport Cap Colours: White, Dark Blue.
Label Types:Paper, Plastic, PSL Sticker.

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